CBP Proposal to Require Personal Data from Importers

Dear Friends,

We are writing to provide an update on a U.S. Customs an Border Protection (CBP) proposal we first alerted you to last October regarding revisions to CBP’s Importer ID Input Record (CBP Form 5106).  As you may recall, CBP’s proposed revisions amounted to a significant expansion of Form 5106, requiring, among other things, significant personal data about corporate officers of importers of record.

CBP has now considered all comments it received (summarized and responded to here), and has issued a revised proposal (along with a revised version of the form), which are being sent to the Office of Management and Budget for final approval.  This process presents another 30-day window for public comments, which commences with the publication of today’s Federal Register notice.

The changes CBP made in response to the last round of comments are detailed in its revised proposal.  Among the most noteworthy new information/clarifications is that:

  • Providing certain information is now optional, including the DUNS Number for the Importer, and the most sensitive personally identifying information for company officers, including social security numbers and passport information.
  • CBP will allow form 5106 to be submitted through what it describes as a “secure” “mobile application”, eliminating the need to provide this sensitive data through a third party, such as a broker.
  • Existing importers will only need to file a new CBP Form 5106 when changes are made to the Importer’s Name, Identification Number, IRS Number/SSN, or Address; new forms will NOT be required for other changes to company information required in section 3 of the form.

While some of the concerns raised by our previous comments have been addressed in the revised proposal, others have not (e.g., our recommendation that CBP consider requiring different data from different entities on the basis of certain specified risk factors, with a view towards gathering more data from those entities which pose the most significant risk).

We would be happy to prepare an additional comment letter, in the same format as we did following CBP’s previous proposal, for submission in response to today’s Federal Register notice.  As before, the cost for participating in this effort will not be significant.  If you would like to participate, or have any further questions, please let us know.

Best regards,



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